We are aware that we carry a certain idealism inherited from past generations, we were taught in our schools the organic link that exists between artistic practices and social practices, we saw a long historical tradition of socially compromised art, a certain ethic was imposed on us, a must be duty of art.

Accordingly we give great political responsibility to our theater performances and the desire to change society through our art is very alive in our group… We would like to believe this and to argue that “the weight of postmodern society has not fallen on our shoulders” and ” that ideologies are still alive”, but it´s not like that. We know how deluded, naive and even absurd our words sound, we belong to another generation, one without a cause and with permeable convictions if you will. We belong to a society of wellbein and we are aware of our bourgeoisie nature, but this recognition makes us lucid enough to realize the contradictions that our generation beholds: “We obey a cultural heritage (philosophical and ethical) that apparently does not match the reality of our time”.

It is this contradiction which we want to emphasize and submerge ourselves, we want to question our trade, our convictions, to take the dreamy nostalgia that we inherited and confront it with our times: Theater?, A tool for social change?, Political theater?, Theater Today?, Is it necessary?, Is it useful?, Are we useful?.

Today we witness that theater is no longer the only window in which society can observe and reflect on the events of its time, other media have taken over a role that formerly belonged almost exclusively to our discipline, and if we add our little power to gather audience, we can conclude that its effects are in most cases something anecdotal and punctual.

From these perspectives, we find it urgent to install a critical discussion about the urpose, scope and usefulness of Art and the role of artists in contemporary society.

The performance “Trying to make a play that will change the world ” (The final rave of the last romantics), tells the story of a group of actors that, led by their opposition towards oficial government, have spent four years locked in a basement having no contact with reality, trying to create the great theatrical play that will change the world. Meanwhile a news report arrives informing that a new government is now in charge and has eradicated poverty and social injustice in the country. The absurd, provocation and the desacralization of cultural icons will create a path leading us to ponder on art, utopias, revolution, and failure.

Direction: Marco Layera
Playwright: La Re-sentida
Cast: Carolina Palacios, Pedro Muñoz, Benjamín Westfall, Nicolás Herrera, Ignacio Yovane.
Set Design: Pablo de la Fuente
Costume Design: Carolina Sandoval
Head Technician: Victor Cosmelli
Scene Assistant: Diego Acuña, Carolina de la Maza
Production: La Re-sentida
Duration: 85 min.
Premiere: 2010

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