Born in 1978 in Santiago, Chile, he studied law at the University of Chile, where he served as Assistant Professor of philosophy and majored in Criminology. His theatrical training was in the Theatre School La Matriz and the school image theatre. In 2008 he founded La Re-sentida theatre company of which he is the director. He has participated with them in various scenarios and national and international festivals. He has directed research processes performing arts with people of different ages and social conditions, framed in the projects “elenco ciudadano”(cast citizens) and “laboratories”. He has also worked as a teacher in various schools of theatre. In 2012 he directs in an adaptation of “trying to make a play that will change the world” in Tallinn, Estonia and in 2013 he performs an artistic residence in Terni, Italy. He has obtained the “Eugenio Guzman” distinction awarded by the Festival for theatre directors organized by the University of Chile, the recognition of the “best play” at the “Festival of young Theatre” organized by the Municipal Theatre of las Condes, and has been nominated twice to the “Altazor” prize in the Directors category .

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