“La ReSentida” (The resentful) was founded in 2008 and is composed of young artists from the Chilean national theatrical scene which have a particular pursuit for the consolidation of a poetic able to embody the pulses, visions and ideas of their generation. The objective is to construct authorial scenes, thus dissociating forms and artistic hegemonic discourses. From this perspective, the company assumes as duty, audacity, the desecration of taboos and reflection generated from provocation, giving theatrical creation great political responsibility, understanding it as a instrument of critique, reflection and construction.

Some of the following people are constant collaborators in our work, while others have been involved at moments in specific projects. We have had the pleasure to work with all of them: Pablo de la Fuente (Designer), Carola Sandoval (Costume Design), Víctor Cosmelli (Technical), Raúl Donoso (Technical), Andrés Ulloa (Technical), Eduardo Herrera (Actor), Ezzio Debernardi (Actor), Guilherme Sepúlveda (Actor), Natalia Matus (Producer), Daniela Montt (Producer), Paola Arancibia (Technical), Sebastián Squella (Actor), Benjamín Cortés (Actor), José Soza (Actor), Rodolfo Pulgar (Actor), Karl Heinz (Technical Lead), Alonso Orrego (Soundman), Cristián Reyes (Technical), Matías González (Technical Assitant).

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